Player Profiles: David Luiz

Player Profile: David Luiz


David Luiz has come a long way to where he stands today. He is originally from Diadema, Brazil and is 26 years old. He started his professional career with Brazilian club, Vitoria in 2006 and then signed with Portuguese power, Benfica in 2007 after a brief loan. It took some time for David to develop, but soon enough David was the best player in the league and won Portuguese Liga Player of the Year in the 09-10 season. Clearly he was pretty fired up about it.

dav ben

This attracted attention from other big clubs and eventually in 2011, Chelsea signed the young Brazilian.  David has now become a quality center back for Chelsea this season and has established himself as an every game starter. He has also excelled when playing as a defensive midfielder for Rafa Benitez. He has also shown how deadly his strikes are from distance scoring some spectacular goals in recent performances.


Manchester United v Chelsea - FA Cup Sixth Round

Rafa approves.

David has also earned this spot as a starter for Brazil’s National Team and will be an important player in the upcoming Confederations Cup and World Cup in Brazil. It surely seems like David will be in the starting line-up for the foreseeable future for the Selecão.


While David Luiz is always a serious competitor when playing soccer, he is quite the character in his spare time. David is a prankster and has an energetic personality. He is always joking around in interviews and loves the spotlight when the camera is on. He is great at keeping the training fun. Just like his playing style at times, his driving can also be erratic.

It seems like Chelsea fans are very fond of their rising star, but his future at Chelsea is in question. Jose Mourinho has just been signed to replace “interim” manager Rafa Benitez and the word on the street is that Mourinho is not a fan of David’s play.


He may try to sell David for a profit since his move from Benfica and Barcelona is said to be interested in David to strengthen their defense. Maybe Barcelona will become the new home for both David’s humor and improved playing. Below are more of David’s funny moments.


david bite

david chop

Finally, a video of him trolling:

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