NBA Playoff Predictions

Finally, the way-too-long NBA playoffs are here! Here’s roughly what’s at stake: the Heat have a chance to join the rare three-peat club, becoming only the fifth team to do so. LeBron has a chance to win his third straight ring, likely solidifying his status as a top 4 or 5 player of all time. The Spurs have a chance at redemption, avenging their gut-wrenching Game 6 loss to the Heat. Kevin Durant has a chance to catapult himself over LeBron, if he can lead the Thunder over the Heat in the Finals. The Clippers have a chance to reach their first Finals that would probably throw Blake Griffin into the discussion with LeBron and Durant as the best player in the league. Hell, the Raptors (THE RAPTORS!!!) have a chance to reach their first Conference Finals. (Don’t worry, that won’t happen. BUT IT COULD.) Without further ado, let’s get into our playoff picks. Continue reading