One Free Agent could save the Heat (Hint: His name is not Carmelo)

As soon as the Heat were on the ropes against the Spurs, rumors began to circulate that Carmelo Anthony could possibly come to Miami and create a Big 4. If Carmelo joined the Heat, they would immediately become the title favorites, at least according to Charles Barkley. Off talent alone, many would jump to anoint the Heat as favorites to win the title, but then again, lots of people rushed to claim that the Nets would challenge the Heat for the Eastern Conference when they got Pierce and KG.  Carmelo would add a much-needed scoring punch to the Heat, but he wouldn’t fix what doomed them: poor point guard play and lack of rim protection. Rather than go after Carmelo, the Heat would be better off targeting arguably the second best unrestricted free agent this summer, Kyle Lowry. There is apparently mutual interest on both sides. Lowry was one of the biggest All-Star snubs and seems perennially underrated, but perhaps no more, after leading the Raptors to the playoffs for the first time since 2008. Anyone who watched the Raptors take on the Nets could see that Lowry is better than Deron Williams, despite not receiving nearly as much attention as the other top point guards.

Lowry is the best point guard no one really knows about. He finished with the 5th highest PER among point guards. He’s one of the most complete point guards in the league, able to score, pass, and defend. In the past, the biggest knock on Lowry was his bad attitude, but we saw nothing of that in Toronto last season. He was the leader of that team and led them to 48 wins. Lowry is only 28 years old and would get everyone on the Heat easier looks at the basket, provide an another scoring weapon, and bring some much-needed energy defensively on the perimeter. Bringing out Lowry and Norris Cole together at times would be a nightmare for opposing ball handlers, who would be under constant pressure. Lowry would also be slightly cheaper than Carmelo, allowing the Heat to keep Chris Andersen or go after another fix down low, like Chris Kaman. If Kaman was willing to take a bit of a pay cut, that is. If anything, this Finals showed us that how the different pieces of a team fit together can be more important than the sheer talent a team puts on the court. The Spurs are supremely talented, but they don’t have the big names of the Heat. The Heat need to realize Carmelo, while very tempting, would not fix their problems.

Carmelo joining the Heat would look good on paper, but would it really work?

Carmelo joining the Heat would look good on paper, but would it really work?

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  1. point guard play is sooooooooooo needed. A capable big who shot blocks and rebounds wouldn’t hurt either. While you’re at it, try developing some young talent; it doesn’t mean rebuilding. Look at the spurs and how young guys added much needed energy and depth to and already great roster.

  2. First Lebron need to work on his shooting. I dislike the offense the coach runs, it sucks. Miami has too much problems scoring. When there was no shooters bailing them out, Miami’s weakness was clear. They don’t need Mario, UD, Rasheed, James Jones, they need athletic guys that can create their own shots and take pressure off Lebron. Dwade need to take a long look in the mirror and accept that he isn’t the same and he would be better off coming off the bench. Miami need to ask Dwade to take a pay cut to help the team. Miami don’t use Chris bosh right. Miami need a overall from the top meaning coaching “Eric” isn’t the right coach for this team. For the last 4 years I have been saying the same thing. The offense is too stagnant and I blame the coaching. Too many bad shooters on Miami apart from Ray, Miller and Jones. Miami need to bring in better shooting staff. Pat Riley’s press conference was cool but he is responsible for some of the bullshit with Miami. Everybody on Miami need to take a good look in the mirror, they all need to get better. Starting first with the shooting for the top players mainly Lebron and Dwayne. When you shoot and get it, it shouldn’t be a shock and that’s what it look like when those guys shoot and get it. Work on your games over the offseason. It’s unfortunate that Dwade is getting married this summer because that’s going to take away from him getting in shape and hiring a shooting coach. The game would be so much easier if these guys can be consistent shooters. Please don’t resign Mario. Go get Shaun Livingston or Lowry and please beg UD to take a office position to free up some cash to get a big guy in the middle.

    • Let’s start with, I’m not a Heat fan. At all. I never used to be a LBJ fan. At all. But after watching the last three years, his game has one flaw. Mental. He wants his team in on the win. He needs a killer attitude. He needs an I can do it all myself if need be attitude. He doesn’t have it. Sure he will take the big shots, but he needs to take over more quarters, more halves, more games. For a player of that calibre not to have been double teamed is clearly a sign he wasn’t aggressive enough. The key to game two, foul trouble. Make people defend James on every single possession in the first half, get players in foul trouble, change the game.
      I think Eric got lost for ideas, and maybe expected his big three to all contribute. I can see how I might expect the same thing. He needs to go back to the film room and figure out plays for Bosh, and teach Chalmers the pick and roll. Oh and emphasise this is a team sport.
      Now for the rest, well yes, the rest of the Heat team disappeared. Offensively and defensively. They refuse to play hard nose defence for the whole quarter, far less the whole game. from shot blocking all the way out to the three point line. Offensively, they are a basket case. Dribble, penetrate, and shot/pass offence where everyone wants to take jump shots but DWade. No effective big scoring inside. When shooters go cold, it’s lights out. They need to the rim players. Either from the post, or from isolation play. They need to de-fund Wade and Bosh by at least half. use that money for another all-star, Find a consistent point man, and a decent big. Not easy, which is why there’s only few truly great teams. The rest are just who was left at the end of the year.

      • Well Jody it appears to me that you are a heat fan,you don`t have to pretend just because you don`t like LeBron. Look at the book you just wrote above,for someone whose not a heat fan,you sure do have a lot to say about a team you supposedly don`t care for. If I wasn`t a fan I would not be up on this board,guess why,because I wouldn`t care about anything that has to do with the heat,thats why!!! You just wanna help spread the hate too,huh?

    • Although I was born just 1 mile from Yankee Stadium, I have to note that Sue Bronx, you are an idiot. Lebron had the highest shooting % of any not center in the league last year, .565. The Heat had the highest shooting % in the league at .491; and the 2nd highest points per game (Dallas 1st) in the eastern conference. The rest of your diatribe and conclusions make about as much sense as the accuracy of your statement concerning the Heat’s shooting. Were they the 2nd best team out of 30 this year? Yes.

  3. You have been saying Eric isn’t the right coach? Typical bandwagon fan. Four finals and 2 championships is not a good record I guess. A coach that has never missed the playoffs in his career. Get a grip like Pat Riley said, you don’t look for the first exit when the going gets though. Retool and we will be ok.

    Spurs lost last year, retooled and won this year. Why not do the same thing?

    • I’m not a Heat Fan, so clearly not a bandwagon fan. If you think bringing the big 3 back for $20 million a piece, and then signing an entirely new bench off of the minimum is going to win, good luck.

      • The big 3 seem now likely to all sign for about $15 mill; creating over $15 mill to sign other quality players. Your assumption of no space is not valid.

      • Depends on what Bosh and Wade sign for. Clippers and Rockets will make room for him cap-wise, and those are both much more attractive teams. I wouldn’t bank on LeBron’s loyalty. He’s looking for the best option to win titles. Wade is old and Bosh is overrated.

      • You`re not a heat fan,yeah right. Its funny how everyone is not a heat fan,but goes out their way to make bold statements,if you don`t care,why bother commenting and replying about anything that has to do with the heat? Just here for the hate right?

  4. The Heat need a Big who can protect the rim first and foremost. Second they need Chris Bosh to take the oppposite 4 guarding him to the hole. He’s become addicted to the 3pt line. He needs to add more variety to his game or the Heat should try to do a deal with the T/wolves for for KLove. Third, LeBron and DWade should work on free throw shooting. They need to be shooting at least 80%. Both are mid 70’s. Fourth is develop a bench, you gotta play the bench during the season to keep the starters fresh for the postseason. Fifth look for a point guard.

    • There’s no way point guard play is beneath LBJ and Wade’s FT shooting. That’s just silly. And they’re not getting Love. Not even close. Rim protector is the only thing that may be more important than point guard play.

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