The Trade for the #1 Pick The Cavs Need to Make

Yesterday, the rumor was Derrick Favors, Alec Burks, and the 5th overall pick for the #1 pick and Jarrett Jack. That is enticing, but pales in comparison to what the Magic supposedly offered. The Magic are offering Arron Afflalo, the 4th pick, and the 12th pick just for the #1 pick. If the Cavs are as desperate as we think–doing anything and everything they can to get LeBron’s attention–then this is the trade for them. This trade helps immediately and is also a move for the future. Pair Afflalo with Kyrie in the backcourt, and they have one of the best set of guards in the NBA. Then the #4 and #12 pick provide flexibility. The Cavs could do a couple things here. They could use the picks and a combination that could yield Julius Randle and Doug McDermott, for example. Or, they could trade both picks to move up, and try to get Joel Embiid, the prospect most experts think has the highest ceiling.Or they could use the two picks to make a trade for a veteran. Could they make a package around Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson, the 4th, and 12 pick for Kevin Love.

Afflalo would be a huge pickup for the Cavs.

Afflalo would be a huge pickup for the Cavs.

That last scenario is the most tantalizing. All of a sudden, making a pitch to LeBron makes a lot more sense. The pitch is less sentimental than a pitch for a championship. If LeBron is looking at a Cavs team with Kyrie, Afflalo, and Love/Embiid. That is the best situation in the East. That is a team that can win now, but is also young and would win in the future. The Cavs can tell LeBron he’ll have three guys, none older than 25, who could pick up the slack in the next few years as LeBron loses some steam. That’s the type of situation that could extend LeBron’s career by a few years. He could reduce his minutes in the regular season. That is a more attractive than the Bulls, whose nucleus would be Noah, Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson, and the oft-injured Derrick Rose.

The Cavs have a chance to be creative and make a splash. This is their one and only chance to get LeBron back. But even if he doesn’t come back, this trade makes the Cavs better. It improves their current roster and increases their assets moving forward. No one expects the Cavs to make the right decision. This is their one chance.

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  1. Rose is playing, so even if he’s a step slower, LeBron should easily choose Noah(5)+Gibson(4)+Butler(2)+Rose(1) over Kyrie(1)+Afflalo(2)+Love/Embiid(4). The Cavs would be ready to win now. The Bulls, even with injuries, are winning now. Adding LeBron makes the Bulls heay favorites to win the title. Whether they can pay him, cap issues, etc are also a factor.

    • Thing about Rose is his game is predicated on speed and quickness. He’s never been a great shooter, so yeah he’s back, but will he even close to what he was before? Remotely close?

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