NBA Draft Losers

This year’s NBA draft didn’t see as many crazy picks as usual. The lottery went as scripted, for the most part. And then by the middle of the first round, things got interesting. The Raptors took some guy named Bruno, who no one had heard of. And he was called “the Brazilian Kevin Durant!” Then the Thunder took a big man, who hadn’t played in over a year due to back surgery–a guy that we only know about because of two or three games in the NCAA tournament two years ago! The Grizzlies then took a shooting guard who may or may not be able to dunk. That was just the beginning of the madness. Here are the players, fans, and teams that lost the NBA draft.

Toronto Raptors
That’s what you get for drafting a guy 20th overall that wasn’t even on one of Chad Ford’s ten big boards. Bruno Caboclo could be really good. In like four or five years! For a team that finally turned itself around, winning 48 games, you’d think the Raptors would be looking for a player that is NBA-ready and could be in their rotation next year. Caboclo might never make their team.

76ers Fans
The Sixers fans were patient this past year through their team’s tanking, with the promise that they’d get Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins. Instead, they got two players that won’t even play a single game for them next year. Embiid has limitless potential, but it might just be a pipe dream at this point.

Chicago Bulls
Trading the Nuggets the rights to Jusuf Nurkic and Gary Harris, the 16th and 19th picks respectively, for Doug McDermott was more than a stretch. I get it: the Bulls need scoring and shooting badly. But McDermott is just a role player in the NBA. Both guys he was traded for could easily end up being better players than McDermott. Drafting McDermott wasn’t the problem. It was what they gave up to do so.

Oklahoma City Thunder
The Thunder came away with Mitch McGary and Josh Huestis. McGary is not a bad pick, though they picked him a little earlier than most scouts had him projected. If his back is okay, then he’s not a bad pick. He’ll come in and hit the glass and help right away. The Huestis pick, 29th overall, is a little more questionable. Huestis was a senior last year, so he should be able to play right away, but he’s not as talented as some players that went after him. Cleanthony Early and Kyle Anderson are just a few of the guys that would have been better fits on OKC.

New Orleans Pelicans
They traded away the tenth pick in the draft as part of the deal for Jrue Holiday. Holiday is a nice player, but giving away Nerlens Noel and Dario Saric for him will set them back a little. The Pelicans missed out on one of the better drafts we’ll see for a while.

Zach LaVine
He said it himself.

Shabazz Napier
WHAT, you say? Hear me out. Napier was initially drafted by the Hornets. That would’ve reunited with him college teammate Kemba Walker. Instead, Napier goes to a crumbling Heat team, where fans (and maybe LeBron too) are going to expect way too much out of him in his rookie year. Anyone who thinks Napier is anything close to a savior  for the Heat at the point guard position is expecting too much.


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  1. Was that video of LaVine supposed to be telling? It wasn’t. Couldn’t hear what he said.

    However, I heard a recording of his speaking, and he speaks as if his mouth is full of marbles. Unimpressive. CJ Wilcox, on the other hand displayed a boatload of class after he was drafted by the Clippers.

    • No, it was not supposed to be audible. But he very clearly mouthed “F–k me” — was not thrilled to go to Minnesota, to put it lightly

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