Cleveland Looking like LeBron’s Destination

The round-the-clock Tmz-style stalking of LeBron James’ life has hit an all-time high in the past few days. The entire NBA free agency pool had basically stalled waiting for LeBron to make his decision, but things seem to be picking up steam now. The Cavs completed a massive three team deal earlier today to clear the requisite space so that they can offer LeBron a max deal. It’s a gamble considering the Cavs gave up several valuable assets just for the chance at LeBron. Don’t get me wrong. If the Cavs get LeBron, it’s obviously worth it. But that’s a big if.

A few hours after the news of the Cavs deal, a flurry of signs pointed toward LeBron returning to Cleveland. There were rumors that the Cavs were targeting Mike Miller and Ray Allen, two free agents that LeBron has a history with. Then there were the moving trucks outside LeBron’s house in Miami. And then there was the next-level stalking, spotting LeBron’s kids at the airport en route to Cleveland.

Sure, LeBron moves his exotic cars every summer. Makes sense, I guess. I don’t have exotic cars, but okay. The spotting of LeBron’s kids is a little more alarming for Miami fans, though. These are an awful lot of signs pointing toward a return to Cleveland. Chris Sheridan had a source saying there was a 90% chance LeBron would return to Cleveland. 1404935878_forgiven

LeBron is really putting his reputation on the line here. If he returns to Cleveland, he’ll be crowned by the desperate, if not pathetic Cleveland fans. He’ll be received with open arms, probably by the same fans that burned his jersey and vowed to never root for him again. But if he really does stay in Miami, Cleveland fans will forever hate him.


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