Dominos to Fall From LeBron’s Signing with Cleveland

Over the next 24 or 48 hours, there will be a flurry of moves in the NBA as a result of the LeBron signing. LeBron altered the landscape of the NBA in one day, and there will be ripple effects felt for a long time throughout the league. Here are just some of the things that could happen over the next few days:

Chris Bosh signs a max deal with Houston.
This is almost sure to happen. The Rockets were Bosh’s backup plan all along, and they offer him the best combination of winning and money. The Rockets have to first move Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin to make the requisite space, so that they can sign Bosh, and then match the Mavs’ 3 year/$45 million offer sheet on Chandler Parsons. Everyone will rush to anoint the Rockets as one of the title favorites, but a Big 3 of Howard, Harden, and Bosh is still far away from a title. Where’s the toughness in that trio?

parsons_lhuofKevin Love trade rumors EXPLODE and he probably winds up in Cleveland somehow.
Of course Kevin Love is ‘intrigued’ by joining the Cavs, and then signing there long-term. The Cavs will probably try to offer Dion Waiters, Anthony Bennett, and some 1st round picks for Love. And the T’Wolves will say no to that. The Cavs will have to think long and hard whether they want to give up top pick Andrew Wiggins to create a Big 3 of LeBron, Kyrie, and Love.

Dwyane Wade realizes he’ll fade into oblivion in Miami, unless he decides to go home, like LeBron, and heads to Chicago.
This isn’t pure speculation. ESPN brought up the possibility, and it makes sense. If the Bulls miss on Carmelo, they’ll have money left over that they could throw at Wade. And unless Miami offers a Kobe-like deal, just for what he has meant to the franchise, re-signing with Miami doesn’t make a ton of sense. Obviously staying with one franchise for his entire career would be a unique accomplishment that is very rare in today’s day and age, but if Wade has any desire to win in the twilight of his career, then he’d consider joining Chicago. That’s unlikely to happen, though, because if Miami really has to, they can overpay like hell to keep Wade.

Carmelo re-thinks signing with the Knicks, and gives Chicago another look.
It started being reported that Carmelo was headed back to New York, but recently there’s been word that Chicago is not out of the running. Carmelo would have to think that the East is open for the next year or two, while the Cavs prepare their roster, and that the Bulls would be the favorites in the East if Carmelo joined.

Joel Embiid can stop recruiting LeBron to join the Sixers! Even though that was the best part of free agency.

Miami fans disappear, only to reappear in Cavs jerseys.

Golfer Jason Dufner will hear back on his Nostradamus application.









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