The Lakers Spend Big… But Not On a Superstar

A few days ago, it looked like there was a chance the Lakers could snatch Carmelo from the Knicks. Whatever the Lakers and Kobe pitched to Carmelo, he was buying. Maybe it was the Lakers history of excellence. Or the beautiful weather. Or playing with Kobe. Just kidding about the last one. But word on the street was that Carmelo was seriously considering the Lakers now, as well as the Knicks and Bulls. Then it seemed like a sure thing that ‘Melo was coming back to New York. But then something happened and he had second thoughts.

This isn’t about Carmelo, though. It’s about the Lakers, and their efforts to keep Kobe’s last few years in the league somewhat relevant. They’re just trying to complete a short-term roster that can stay relatively competitive in the West. And that’s no easy task. 

But, what exactly do they think they’re doing? They just gave Jordan Hill a 2 year/$18 million deal. Yes, that Jordan Hill. The one who averaged not even 10 points per game and 7 rebounds. In other words, a nice role player, but definitely not worth $9 million per season. And then they gave Nick Young a 4 year/$21.5 million deal. Yeah, that guy who’s dating Iggy Azalea. That’s over $14 million per season for the next two years given to average role players. Not exactly the type moves that will put you on the fringe of the playoffs in the West. Probably not even in the East either.

It’s usually not a great day (for the Lakers, at least) when the prize of the day is Jeremy Lin. Seriously though, the trade for Jeremy Lin was a very good one for the Lakers. They got Lin, a very competent player, on a one-year lone, as well as first round pick, basically for free. They get a solid starting point guard and a future pick simply because the Rockets thought they could Chris Bosh. Pretty upsetting for the Rockets, who ended up missing out on their master plan of signing Bosh and then keeping Parsons. They will get to keep Parsons, but they gave up Asik, Lin, and a 1st round pick for a plan that blew up in their face.

So what does that leave the Lakers with? Kobe and a group of so-so players: Lin, Nick Young, Jordan Hill, and the sad team the Lakers had last season, most likely minus Pau Gasol, the lone bright spot of the club. It’s not ideal for Kobe. He deserves better in the twilight of his career. But frankly, it’s tough to feel bad for him. If he really cared about winning more than anything in his final few years, then he wouldn’t have signed on for such a hefty two year extension. But who am I to tell a player to take less money? Kobe took the money and that’s completely understandable. Just don’t expect to form a legitimate contender with a soon-to-be 36 year old as the centerpiece to your team.

49 responses

  1. Completely agree… These seemed more like desperate moves after being left holding the bag on Carmelo and LeBron. Did they really think they had a chance? Definitely, wishful thinking from my perspective. What disappoints me is that they didn’t seem to have much of a plan B in place. Seriously, Jordan Hill and Nick Young for big money? I can’t complain about the Lin deal… Seems like a pretty good bargain, but if that’s the only other move they’re gonna make, this season could be worse than the last. This is not the team or front office that I’ve cheered on for over 40 years… This is embarrassing! Kobe did take too much money, but the team offered it to him. Not sure who figured out the numbers on that deal, but fiscal responsibility wasn’t much of a consideration. As a fan… Disappointed, disillusioned and completely confused by what seems like a lack of direction or plan for the future. If the Lakers are going with this lineup, I think I could save the frustration and follow a team that is trying to win!


      • im so die hard laker i wont dare argue my sincerity but dude u dont know basketball and u definitely dont know business. swaggy had high numbers cause he shot more than iverson. Jordan hill could never make it to rockets starting line up over yao ming luis scola patrick patterson etc…. j hill 3yr 10mill r he can walk n.young 3yr12mill 3rd yr team option. u stll have close to 7mill left thats a mid level exception and vet minimal to booster the roster ex mavs resign devin harris who far better than swaggy 4mill a yr and glen davis who actually was a starter for years for 1.2 mill. jerry buss trying to buy his back 2 earth 2 kill his retard son

    • Follow a team that’s trying to win some laker fan you are were in a transition period just now we won’t be competitive for at least 2 more years

    • “The one who averaged not even 10 points per game and 7 rebounds” said bogus author. The Lakers know D Anotoni misused Jordan Hill. Hill is a true double double machine who is a hustle player on defense. Hill played more minutes toward the end of the season at 26 minutes per game to avg 15.8 pts and 10 rebs the last two months of the season when D Antoni finally played him. Imagine if Hill starts and plays 30 plus minutes per game. Good thing you are not Laker management or you would have chucked a good thing.

      • For all the misuse, his stats are probably inflated because of d’antoni, who pushes the ball all game. So there’s that.

      • pretty dumb argument, if D Antoni misused Hill, how are his number inflated. Magic talked about D Antoni all year how never used Hill and Gasol right. Hill earned his numbers fighting D Antoni 3 pt shooting system.

      • Just because a coach misuses a player does not mean he cannot also inflate that player’s stats. Those two things are not mutually exclusive.

    • Hill played more minutes toward the end of the season at 26 minutes per game to avg 15.8 pts and 10 rebs the last two months of the season when D Antoni finally played him. Imagine if Hill starts and plays 30 plus minutes per game.

  2. what’s changed here? I’s the leadership of Dr. Buss and his making sure the right guys are in place as was so in the past (Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, Jerry West)

    ..the son is running the show..but the son had everything given to him..he has no real business value of a dollar..and has gotten so used to success under the oversight of Daddy that he figures he can just throw anythign out there and Laker Nation will gobble it up..and IF the Clippers (the Clippers?!?..jeez I can’t believe I’m writing THAT) weren’t so good maybe the would

    ..coming from a town that has Jerry Jones calling the shots or a once great franchise..I’m afraid the same is true for you Lakers fans

    ..until the guy in charge gets a may be a long time before SHOWTIME again

  3. It all begins and ends with ownership and indecision. As long as Little Jimmy Buss is leading no one will follow. Sad but true. Sorry Laker fans but get ready for a long cold winter, perhaps lasting as long as 8 years. They have no coach and have effectively castrated who it is they have in mind as the coach, man or woman, by not including them in building the team.
    Byron Scott – really? Not my choice as a great coach but greatness is not what management seems to be seeking, which they effectively proved when they hired D’Less over Phil Jackson. Pliability and a yes person most likely is what they seek. It is sad that they have fallen into such chaos but life is like that folks and now they have something to work towards – mediocrity.
    “The only sin is mediocrity.”
    ― Martha Graham

  4. Here is what is really sad about how the front office works. They seem to have there ego’s and head stuck so far up there own asses. Makes no dam sense why Mitch could not made a deal and get another superstar to play along side of Kobe. Now a major part of the blame should and must go towards Jennie, and Jim. if you knew that you could have had both, Le Bron and Melo, then why on GODS earth would you over spend on KOBE, Hell you should have at least asked him how he would feel about having both of them come to play in LA. Mitch and Jim are about to destroy a great franchise, due to the lack of knowing how to run an organization the proper and smart way. So Mitch and Jim can you honestly say that “YOU DROPPED THE BALL ON THIS ONE”,,, I really don’t even see them being able to bring KD, or any of the other guys here to play next season. So lets keep it REAL. we will suck again until Mitch and Jim are long gone from the Lakers front office.
    Thank you and just speaking my mind.

    • alot of great comments i can relate too however this definitely the one. As naive as i want to be i must accept the fact we the new cowboys…. inner state comparison raider nation which im already apart of i might start watching soccer

  5. There was never any chance for the Lakers to get Lebron. There was only one place Lebron was going to leave Miami for and that is Cleveland. And I really believe that if the Heat had won the title this season, he would not have left Miami…yet. He would have returned to Miami for a chance at a fourpeat

    And I also believe that if Cleveland had not gotten the players they have gotten, he would not have gone back. Lebron might have wanted to go home, but he did not want to go home bad enough to go to a team that had no chance to compete. It was sort of a perfect strorm

  6. lakers will be bad and mitch had a plan we will be bad until kobe leaves lakers management is a joke to the league to the laker fans hope no one goes to the games to jim buss your not your father by a long shot

  7. Geez people love to blast Jim Buss, but what for? Which deals were bad at the time they were made? Chris Paul? Nash? Howard? Those were vintage Laker deals based on the principle that the Lakers go for the championship which entails some risk. Is it because they hired Dantoni — the guy Dr. Buss wanted because he coached Showtime ball which he loved? But if you want to see a really bad Laker move, how about getting rid of the guy who is in charge of building this team — Kupchak. He would be the biggest free agent the Lakers ever lost.

    The league changed its rules to make it harder for the Lakers to rebuild. They’ll do it — it will just take a while.

    • There’s a bunch of reasons why people don’t like Buss. Part of it is how he treated Phil at the end of Phil’s time in LA. Part of it just comes from how how inept he is compared to his great father. And that he fired Mike Brown after 5 games. Instead of going through more examples, this article would probably give a more succinct explanation:

    • r u kidding me vintage laker deals i stop reading when i saw that. steve nash for 3yrs at 37 we was late 10 yrs.. d.howard in exchange for 1st round pick and his expiring contract he obviously had foresight of our dismal future as well. cp3 never went thru lord knows what we wouldve gave up. did u see this articles picture truthfully all our comments or a waste that pic n subtitle tells it all as u call it vintage deals

  8. The contracts for Young and Hill are not out of line with other contracts awarded this free agent summer. Hill’s contract is close to what Channing Frye got with Orlando. Better actually for the Lakers, because the team has the option for year two. And frankly, I’d rather have Hill – he’s a better defender and rebounder.

    Young will be getting less than Jodie Meeks. Meeks is a nice player. Young takes bad shots, and his defense is suspect. But he can create his own offense and is a legitimate scorer.

    A lot of contracts this summer are head scratchers. Parsons and Hayward are good, but $15 million per year good? Or Max contract good? No. Ben Gordon, another bad Orlando contract. $4 million per season? No. Again, looking at what other teams are paying, the Young and Hill contracts are not that bad.

    • That’s true. But the Meeks deal was also far and away the worst deal of free agency so far. I don’t know if I’d point to the Meeks deal as reasoning for paying Nick Young over $20M. And with Hill, it’s hard to compare. He is such a different player than Frye. Frye is a stretch 4 and those are hard to find in the league. Hill is just a mediocre guy who can rebound, but who’s inept offensively.

  9. I do not understand why the lakers wait so long to sign some good free agent players? They still hoping land some big players next year? its not going to happen trust me Mr Buss. you still have chance sign ariza and deng both good defenders but you let that slip away. now you can get stevenson and monroe but seem that will not happen another great player eric bledsoe that will not happen. your bench is lot weaker this year than this year. Even your starting center is lot weaker Gasol scores sacre does not! so add up what you have done to make the lakers a contender? why people concern what other free agents got? they got some good players lakers none! Lakers do not even have a back up center!!!

  10. You are forgetting to mention we have Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson as partof the team and part of Lakers future..We are currently in a rebuilding process and we have to be patient. Let’s see how things are 2 years down the road.

    • I agree… and I think we got a fastrak on the rebuild as of 7/17 🙂 ed davis the drafts boozer for 3.251 mill and a lot of big bodies…. just one center away… one with bigger hands than sacre… and we are competitive

  11. why the hell is it taken so damn long 2hire a coach u have BYRON SCOTT 3 times now sign him 4CHRISTSAKE THANKS KOBE 4 TAKEN ALL THAT MONEY : LEAVE US WITH SHIT 2 GETGOOD PLAYERS

    • if you were offered that … would you take less? And as always… Lebron learn from Kobe… thus the demand for max money… thank Kobe for the end of the Heat Threesome

  12. The down fall of the Lakers can be pinpointed to one person. David f-in Stern. He nixed the Chris Paul deal which would’ve helped the team transition into its next great era. A great deal put together by Mitch. The fault I place on the Lakers is that after that happened they panicked. Giving a three year deal to a clearly washed-up Steve Nash, who nobody else wanted, and giving up two first-round draft picks for him, goes down as one of the dumbest deals ever. Hiring D’Antoni trying to make things better for Nash was the icing on the cake. If not for those two brainfarts, maybe we keep Dwight Howard and attract other free-agents. Don David Sternio’s departing gift.

    • unprecedented F in move by stern followed by unprecedented f in move by the lakers… agreed!!! Nash is the poison we swallowed believing he was the cure for mediocrity….. nice guy… but not nice enough to be honest about his condition or to not play the 10th game last season

  13. 100% agree !!!!!!!! Kobe is part to blame for taking the $$$$ plus management for offering a ridiculous amount of $$$$ … whatever happens they shouldnt complain !!! For better or for worse are the vows in this relationship 😦

  14. For all of you so called Laker fan(s) who don’t WANT to understand the fact that Kupchak is in “rebuilding” mode…….get a clue. first of all.Kobe was given that contract for his COMMITMENT to the Laker organization. it’s easy to sit sit on your butts and say he should give some of that money back,when in fact,if it was any one of us as a fan turned player, we would do the same thing Kobe did…..take the money. Secondly,Kupchak is far from done,there’s more wheeling and dealing to come. Third,every team goes through their “rebuilding” stage……things take time. Kupchak learned from the best(J.West) on how to get themselves back in CONTENTION. Lakers will be fine.

    • The question isn’t whether they’ll be fine. It’s when. And right, no one is criticizing Kobe for taking the money. They are criticizing Laker management for giving it to him, but still acting like they can form a championship team with it in place. Everyone understands Kobe getting the deal for all that he means to the franchise, but don’t expect the Lakers to be close to a top team as long it is in place. It hamstrings their cap way too much.

  15. What are all yall talking about? No one in the league that avg 17.9 points as a reserve in the league getting paid 4mil/yr, everyone else getting paid more than Nick Young, Hell even parsons who avg only 16 got 15mil so what are you wannabe laker fans talking about. Jordan Hill was looked at by other contenders, and also his efficiency rating was higher than Gasols last year given he only played like 20min a game. Stop this laker hater stuff, theres nothing left in the basket to take and its the best they can do. Besides the fact they waited to long to get Isaiah THomas.

    • Everyone kept talking about how Pau Gasol and Jordan were misused. Hill would have left id D Antoni was back for another year. Hill played more minutes toward the end of the season at 26 minutes per game to avg 15.8 pts and 10 rebs the last two months of the season when D Antoni finally played him. Imagine if Hill starts and plays 30 plus minutes per game. Hill deserved every bit of his contract.

  16. wow its amazing how quick the so called Laker fans start bashing even Kobe, it does seem that we are in for some tough years ahead, we have got to pray that Kobe is as close to form as he can be and you know that he is preparing himself for just that. The year he popped his achillies the man was on fire all his stats were up, he had even uped his assist stat when called upon , we know father time is upon him but dont we owe him a little faith in what he can do,has he ever let us down before I for one am not betting against the mamba I am excited to see what he can do, he says he is in top form at this point in his training and there has been alot said to the detriment of him and the lakers and who knows what can happen with a whole lot of determination give, Kobe and the Lakers a brake I think Kobe and company are going to shut the nay sayers up.or do there very best to do so go lakers go.

  17. The Lakers will be fine, let’s revisited this conversation at the All Star break, I have a good feeling the Lakers will make a trade to bring Kobe some help. So all of you Lakers Haters don’t forget we still have the best closer in the game.

  18. Anyone can be a fan when things are going your way — but what does an organization do when things get rough (such as after Magic’s announcement), or after losing their patriarch ???

    Bleedin’ Purple & Gold, thru the good times and the bad …….. everything takes time, gotta hand it to Jimmy Buss, just shy of burying his father now out on his own, earnin’ his stripes. Sure he’s not his dad, just a younger, fresher, spittin’ image of him (and yes, green around the collar). We’ll get back. Dr. Buss surrounded Jimmy with some the game’s best BB minds/advisers. Let’s see what slick moves they manage by the trade deadline, All Star Break, and so on.

    Let’s hear those venerable words again: “Never doubt the heart of a champion !!!”

    Kobe & crew : give em hell ……….. !!!!!

  19. Real LAKER fans stand up! All this negative banter is ridiculous….hell we got away with winning back to back titles with an avg PG as DFish was, so please. Everybody was feelin good about the “bench mob”…furthermore, Mitch saw the handwriting on the wall and traded for CP but Stern nixed it bc he wanted the Lakers to suffer….they’ve tried but it didn’t work, so it’s back to the drawing board…we’ll be fine…time to develop younger, new talents…every team goes through this…we just always made moves to stay in contention..but the new CBA and Stern put a stop to that…I’m down since ’83 at 7 years old, so don’t tell me about the lean times….stay true to the purple n gold……

  20. Wow….Let’s be clear the Lakers had no, i mean NO shot at getting LBJ. Then there’s Melo, what the Lakers offered him was a lot of money, and even if they had the cap room, he’s not worth the same kind of money LBJ was getting. So both of those options were not realistic anyway. So Kobe’s contract had no impact on those players. Here’s what really hurt the Lakers: signing Nash, he had not played a full full season he was 32, and his number has declined ever since year for the past 5, and his defense, well, even worse. So what did they see in this guy? D’Antoni and Nash, the glory days? Really, and I don’t gamble, but I would bet that combination was over some time ago. Then there’s the recruitment of the team, which they started a year before Kobe signed his contract…..who did they make an attempt at CP3, another mega star. Not a team building move, but a CASH cow move. Over the past 4 years every other team in the competitive west have improve, not the Lakers, well and Dallas who dismantle their team, but the Lakers did worst by not getting rid of aging players sooner. The Lakers did worst by treating Pau like just another player, so instead of trading him (after talking about it for 2 years), they let him walk away and got NADDA out of it. They let Nash stay around, yet fired the coach he had the best fit for. And as I write this down, it makes no sense and therefore makes no sense to keep writing just to add to the confusion.

  21. Living in NYC is not the best landscape for a Laker fan. However, LA has won 10 championships since the Knicks wore the crown last. I’m definitely not complaining, how many basketball fans can be part of that sucess. The Lakers will be back, it may take sometime, but LA will return to glory again.
    In the meantime, LETS GO KINGS! 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

  22. Lakers will be much more competitive than last year IF Kobe stays healthy.The Western Conference is very competitive,and Coach Scott will work wonders if he can get the Lakers into the top 4 playoff spots.I believe there is enough talent if coached properly with DEFENSE being a priority!Coach Scott cannot introduce the Princeton offense at the pro level with all its different sets,screens and passes.If Kobe wants a 6th ring it will NOT be as a Laker.He needs to market his skills to a contender.Nash should be sitting and helping develop the younger ball handlers.Kobe,Randle,Jeremy Lin,Jordan Hill,Boozer,Nick Young(my starters from these 6 players.)

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