Benchwarmer of the Week: Jason Dufner

Every week, we will present to you the Benchwarmer of the Week. Athletes who have struggled recently, or provided us an especially amusing anecdote. This week, we give you Jason Dufner. The 2013 PGA Championship winner– known for his everyman appealhilariously entertaining Internet meme, and butt-grabbing after winning the PGA— struggled with the flat stick at the Bridgestone Invitational last week. Anyone who’s played golf before has had a day–or many–like that. Unfortunately for Dufner though, he struggles with the putter more than most players.

Dufner’s best friend on tour Keegan Bradley explained what it’s like to play with Dufner:

“I look away when he has the putter in his hand. I watch everything until he gets on the green, and then I’m done.”

Dufner is Benchwarmer of the Week though because of what happened last week at Bridgestone. No, he didn’t have any meme-worthy or viral YouTube clips. But he did give away his putter on the tenth hole. That’s right. He was so fed up with how he was rolling the ball that he decided his putter was better off in the hands of some kid in the gallery. He decided to literally give up on the putter and use a 3-wood on the green instead!

Dufner got rid of his putter last week.

Dufner got rid of his putter last week.

Just another reason to love the guy. Another story adding to his legend. This time, he’s not telling us that you can fit 43 beers into the Wanamaker Trophy given to the PGA Championship winner. Nope. He’s just handing his putter to kids when he’s tired of slogging through another tournament. Three putting a little too frequently? No problem. Just ditch the putter. Literally.

Keep doing you, Jason Dufner.

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