Quarterback Power Rankings Part 1

As a lifelong Redskins fan, I know a thing or two about quarterbacks. Namely, I know a bad one when see him. I’ve watched Gus Frerotte, Tony Banks, thankfully was spared Brad Banks (he almost won the Heisman once!), Mark Brunell, Jason Campbell, Rex Grossman, Rex Grossman, and Rex Grossman. Among countless others. Hell, I even watched Shane Matthews, Patty Ramsey, and Danny Wuerffel battle it out for the starting spot in 2002. One year, people thought Matt Hasselback’s brother was the savior. Another year, a journeyman 36 year old was the savior. If you’re still not sold, just a few years ago, John Beck proclaimed he was the starter over Rex Grossman. Yeah, ‘John Beck.’ If you’re thinking “Wait, who the hell is John Beck?????” then you’re just like the rest of us. Oh, and there was that unforgettable time we traded a 2nd round pick for a washed up division rival QB, who’d tortured us for the past decade. Skins fans recognize those names all too well, and I probably missed a few gems in there too.

The closest thing to competency that I’ve witnessed from the quarterback position was RG3’s rookie year. So yeah, I haven’t exactly seen expertise from QB, but it has at least reminded me (painfully) how important it is to have a stud QB in the NFL. And if you’re forced to rely on a game manager or dink-and-dunker, you’re in serious trouble. You can drunkenly talk yourself into believing it’s possible to sneak into the playoffs with a patry eight wins, or that you’re only a lucky break or two away from being a wild card team. But deep down, you know you’re screwed. You need shit like this to happen. Rooting for a team without a competent QB is a uniquely miserable experience in the sports world. The position is so integral for success in the NFL.

With the current rules protecting QBs and WRs though, we’re in a golden age for superstar QBs. It feels like there are more QBs right now that could legitimately lead a team to a Super Bowl than ever before. You’d feel fine with Brady, Manning (the good one), Rodgers, Brees, Luck, Wilson, Big Ben, Romo (just kidding), and maybe even Kaepernick if you had to win a Super Bowl this year. So that’s what we’ll do here–rank the QBs in the league who you’d want if you were trying to win NOW. Continue reading

Fantasy Outlook for Every NFC East Team

Preseason is over and the first real game will be played in just a few days on Thursday, as the defending champ Seahawks square off against the Packers. With all the preseason games out of the way, it’s time to re-evaluate things. We’ll go through every team, starting with the NFC, and figure out what they have to offer to the fantasy world.

NFC East

In a more passing-oriented offense, Morris could see much fewer carries.

In a more passing-oriented offense, Morris could see much fewer carries.

Washington Redskins: Stick to Garcon; Be wary of everyone else
For a pretty dismal team in real life, the Skins have a lot of players being drafted early in fantasy. Pierre Garcon had a monster season last year and is a PPR machine. His value shouldn’t take a huge hit from DeSean Jackson’s arrival. But Alfred Morris’ value should take a hit from Jay Gruden’s arrival. Gruden will have RG3 throw the ball a lot more, and that hurts Morris. Morris might not get 20+ carries per game. It also might hurt RG3, who looked atrocious in preseason. RG3 isn’t nearly the fantasy commodity many are expecting him to be. He takes too many hits, won’t run as much as he did in his rookie year, and is an overrated passer. He has more options than ever before, but he’s still a mostly average QB at this stage in his career. I’d be reluctant to draft DeSean or Jordan Reed too. DeSean might be the fastest player in the league and is coming off a career year, but isn’t in Chip Kelly’s hurry-up offense anymore, and Jordan Reed struggled with concussions last year. Continue reading