Fantasy Football: MVP Race Through 2 Weeks

Two weeks into the season, there’s already plenty to overreact, panic, and second guess about. But it is not an overreaction to say a few guys stand far above the rest right now, just two weeks into the season. That does not mean they’ll continue to produce at such a ridiculous pace, as the season wears on, but for now, they are all ahead of the pack in the race for fantasy MVP.

1. Antonio Brown, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers
He was the top WR off the board in drafts. PPR or not, he should have been a top 5 pick in all drafts. There may not be a safer player in fantasy football today. He has tallied over 320 yards in his first two games, with a TD coming in each game. The only reason to think his numbers might take the slightest dip is the return of Le’Veon Bell next week, but that should not change your opinion of Brown. He’s the most valuable fantasy commodity right now.

2. Julio Jones, WR, Atlanta Falcons
Everyone knows how talented Julio Jones is. For him, the question was always a matter of health. So far, Julio has shined, posting back-t0-back over the century mark, with 2 TDs. Plus, he was tackled at the one yard line yesterday against the Giants. Roddy White’s time seems to have finally come, and while Leonard Hankerson has stepped up as a serviceable wideout, there is no doubt who Atlanta’s offense runs through. There is no reason to expect Jones’ numbers to decline. Only injury can stand in his way. Continue reading

Fantasy Football: Pros and Cons of Top Tier Wide Receivers

Consensus is almost unheard of in fantasy. Sure, there are exceptions. People can usually agree that the guys at the very top of the draft board are safe bets, and there’s usually a couple trendy sleeper picks. But more often than not, at least on draft day, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There’s always more than one way to view a guy. Someone might be elated to draft Rob Gronkowski in the first round, considering he’s far and away, the best tight end in fantasy, who has one of the most reliable QBs throwing him the ball. But someone else may be just as ecstatic to see Gronkowski go in the first round, pointing out his exhaustive injury history, and that he will be without his super reliable future HOFer QB for the first quarter of the season. That is why you’ll often see someone’s name on one website’s “Top 5 Sleepers” list and another website’s “Top 5 Busts” list. It’s usually a crapshoot to know which is the truth, and that’s what makes fantasy so fun and difficult. Here, let’s go through the good and the bad of this year’s WRs.

Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers
Pros: Hmmm let’s see. EVERYTHING. He’s the king of consistency – had at least 5 receptions in every game last year, and at never had fewer than 72 yards in a game. He’s a virtual lock for 1500+ yards and double digit TDs. Should be considered for the top overall pick. Far and away the top option at a loaded position.

Cons: Literally none. Nothing to see here, folks, carry on, move along.

Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys
Pros: Romo’s favorite weapon, one of the most reliable guys at any position in fantasy. Will be a top 5 WR, easy.

Cons: A tad more reliant on TDs than some other top WRs. Not to punish Dez for being a TD magnet, but his receptions and yards lag behind the other truly elite WRs. Led the league in receiving TDs though, and if those come down a bit, from 16 to, say, 10 or so, his value could take a hit.  Continue reading