Power Ranking the NFL QBs

This has been a funky year for quarterbacks. We knew Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers were the class of the league, but what happened to Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson? Luck has dealt with nagging injuries and Wilson’s line is a mess, but still. And Peyton… He looked bad at the end of last year, but did anyone think he’d look this bad? I mean, nine touchdowns and 16 interceptions? What about Andy Dalton and Cam Newton. Did people expect their teams to be undefeated at the season’s midpoint, both firmly entrenched in the MVP race? See! It really has been a mess, so let’s figure out: If you were ranking quarterbacks, according to who you’d want to be leading your team for the rest of the year, how would it go?

44. Jimmy Clausen

43. Zach Mettenberger
42. Ryan Mallett
No matter how you judge a QB, these guys finish last. Winning? The three of them are a combined 3-23 as starters (Clausen is 1-11, Mettenberger, and Mallett would be worse than 2-4 if his alarm clock worked). Stats? Not one of them has thrown for more TDs than INTs in his career. Personality? If anything separates these guys from the rest of the bad QBs in the NFL, it’s that they generally rub you the wrong way. For Clausen and Mettenberger, they just look annoying. Mallett does too, but he takes it a step further with the type of toxic behavior usually sapped out of most perennial clipboard-holders. The only reason to be excited if these guys are on the field is if you’re starting the opposing defense in fantasy.

41. E.J. Manuel
40. Geno Smith
Neither of the first two QBs taken in the 2013 Draft is a legitimate NFL starter. Through 2.5 years in the league, both guys have been benched by their respective teams. In the NFL, once a young QB gets the starting gig, he usually only has two years to prove his worth. After that, if you haven’t shown that you’re definitely a starter in the league, your team will start looking elsewhere. And in both cases, even before that two year window was over, we knew who they were: guys, who cannot be counted on to win games in the NFL. Neither QB has ever had a winning season. Geno is 11-18 as a starter, and Manuel is 6-10. Their starting days in the NFL are over – seriously, can you imagine any starting QB in the NFL getting sucker punched by a teammate? – and it is crystal clear that Manuel and Smith were busts. Continue reading

Quarterback Power Rankings Part 1

As a lifelong Redskins fan, I know a thing or two about quarterbacks. Namely, I know a bad one when see him. I’ve watched Gus Frerotte, Tony Banks, thankfully was spared Brad Banks (he almost won the Heisman once!), Mark Brunell, Jason Campbell, Rex Grossman, Rex Grossman, and Rex Grossman. Among countless others. Hell, I even watched Shane Matthews, Patty Ramsey, and Danny Wuerffel battle it out for the starting spot in 2002. One year, people thought Matt Hasselback’s brother was the savior. Another year, a journeyman 36 year old was the savior. If you’re still not sold, just a few years ago, John Beck proclaimed he was the starter over Rex Grossman. Yeah, ‘John Beck.’ If you’re thinking “Wait, who the hell is John Beck?????” then you’re just like the rest of us. Oh, and there was that unforgettable time we traded a 2nd round pick for a washed up division rival QB, who’d tortured us for the past decade. Skins fans recognize those names all too well, and I probably missed a few gems in there too.

The closest thing to competency that I’ve witnessed from the quarterback position was RG3’s rookie year. So yeah, I haven’t exactly seen expertise from QB, but it has at least reminded me (painfully) how important it is to have a stud QB in the NFL. And if you’re forced to rely on a game manager or dink-and-dunker, you’re in serious trouble. You can drunkenly talk yourself into believing it’s possible to sneak into the playoffs with a patry eight wins, or that you’re only a lucky break or two away from being a wild card team. But deep down, you know you’re screwed. You need shit like this to happen. Rooting for a team without a competent QB is a uniquely miserable experience in the sports world. The position is so integral for success in the NFL.

With the current rules protecting QBs and WRs though, we’re in a golden age for superstar QBs. It feels like there are more QBs right now that could legitimately lead a team to a Super Bowl than ever before. You’d feel fine with Brady, Manning (the good one), Rodgers, Brees, Luck, Wilson, Big Ben, Romo (just kidding), and maybe even Kaepernick if you had to win a Super Bowl this year. So that’s what we’ll do here–rank the QBs in the league who you’d want if you were trying to win NOW. Continue reading

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Cleveland’s Sports Weekend

Cleveland is the most cursed sports city ever. The Browns are never good. And the Cavaliers, other than that brief period of time when LeBron was in town, are horrible. Worse yet, they are predictably bad. More often than not, both teams come into their seasons with low expectations. It’s just a matter of how bad they will be in a given season. But last week takes the cake. The NFL and NBA are both in their respective off-seasons, but the Cavs and Browns have managed to stay firmly entrenched in the SportsCenter news cycle. And not necessarily by choice.

The Good: Seems like there’s an increasingly good chance that LeBron returns home and signs with the Cavaliers. That is, if he listens to his “inner circle.”

The nation was outraged the last time LeBron was a free agent, with his ill-conceived televised ‘The Decision’ that brought him to Miami. Outside of Cleveland though, most casual sports fans were disappointed and upset with how LeBron conducted the entire process, not necessarily that he left his home town. The whole spectacle afterwards, showing Cleveland fans burning jerseys and proclaiming their hatred of LeBron seemed just a tad excessive. Continue reading

Josh Gordon Is An Example Of Why Talent Is Not Enough

Josh Gordon is one of the two most talented wide receivers in the NFL. I know most people would disagree with this, but Gordon might have more physical talent than Calvin Johnson at this stage. At the very least, Josh Gordon is 1B to Calvin Johnson’s 1A as the best receiver in the league. Last year, Gordon led the league in receiving yards, despite missing the first two games of the year for a substance-abuse suspension. And that’s where the trouble begins. Well, actually it’s not. That’s just where the trouble in the NFL begins. Gordon was kicked off Baylor for drugs, and then Utah too, for drugs once again.

See, Gordon is a physical freak. He’s the prototypical superstar wide receiver. He’s 6’4″ and runs a 4.3 40 time. He’s unstoppable when he’s on the field. But he looks like just the latest star athlete who cannot make anything but bad decisions that ultimately ruin his career. Continue reading